Alexis Argüello vs. Jim Watt (20 de Junio de 1981)




Alexis Argüello vs. Jim Watt

(20 de Junio de 1981)



Cortesía: David Kirkwood



Alexis Arguello vs. Jim Watt


1981-06-20: Alexis Arguello (66-5) 134 ½ lbs. le ganó a Jim Watt (38-7-27KO’s) 134 ¾ lbs. por Decisión Unánime en 15 rounds.
Localidad: Empire Pool, Wembley, Londres, Reino Unido
Asistencia: .
Referee: Arthur Mercante Sr.
Juez: Kurt Halbach (147-143)
Juez: Dick Young (147-137)
Juez: Robert Desgain (147-143)
World Boxing Council (WBC) Lightweight Title [(Título Ligero de la Comisión Mundial de Boxeo (CMB) 135 lbs.]
Bolsa: Watt – US$, Argüello – US$


  • Tercer título mundial de Argüello.
  • Sexto boxeador en ganar títulos mundiales en tres categorías diferentes, y el segundo latinoamericano en hacerlo (el primero fue Wilfredo Benítez que había vencido a Maurice Hope un mes antes).
  • “Alexis Arguello of Nicaragua won the WBC lightweight title Saturday night with a 15 round unanimous decision over champion Jim Watt of Scotland at Wembley Arena. Arguello was always the aggressor, putting the champion on the defensive virtually from the opening bell. In the early rounds, both boxers were cautious but Arguello consistently produced the sharper punches. Watt, as usual, relied on his jab but could not keep the challenger at a safe distance. Arguello stepped up the pace after the 5th round and, after landing a thudding left hook to Watt’s body and a right cross early in the 7th, Arguello dumped the Scot on the canvas for a count of eight with a sharp left to the chin. Watt’s face became distorted as the constant punishment he was taking brought swellings to his lip and near both eyes. Arguello landed all the telling punches in the last three rounds and only Watt’s fierce determination kept him going to the final bell.” -United Press International
    Watt also bled freely from the nose from the 8th round on and from a cut under the left eye suffered in the 10th.

Comentarios (Boxeadores):

  • “I have a car business and if I had to do an estimate on my face, I would probably write it off.”
    Jim Watt
  • “” –Alexis Argüello



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