Alexis Argüello vs. Rubén Olivares (23 de Noviembre de 1974)




Alexis Argüello vs. Rubén Olivares

(23 de Noviembre de 1974)



Cortesía: Kings of Boxing



Alexis Arguello vs. Rubén Olivares


1974-11-23: Alexis Arguello (35-4) 124 ¼ lbs. le ganó a Rubén Olivares (77-4-1) 125 ½ lbs. por KO al 1:20 en el round 13 of 15.
Localidad: The Forum, Inglewood, California, USA
Asistencia: 14,313
Referee: Dick Young
Juez: Larry Rozadilla
Juez: George Latka
Juez: .
World Boxing Association (WBA) Featherweight Title [(Título Pluma de la Asociación Mundial de Boxeo (AMB)]
Bolsa: Olivares – US$80,000, Argüello – US$15,000


  • Primer título mundial de Argüello.
  • Intense fight with both fighters landing plenty of leather. In the twelth round, Olivares lands a hard punch and Arguello stumbles back as if he was hurt. Either Arguello recovered quickly, or he played possum. Either way, Olivares went for broke trying to knock his man out. He spent every ounce of energy he had left trying to knock Arguello out, but was unsuccessful, and he was very burnt out. In the 13th, Arguello dropped Olivares with a short left-uppercut. Olivares got up, signaled he was ready to fight, and the fight continued. Shortly after, Olivares found himself pummeled, and then finished off by “El Flaco Explosivo” (Explosive Thin Man).

Comentarios (Boxeadores):

  • “I was caught cold with that first shot. No, I have no excuses. I thought I was winning the fight, but things are never over until the final bell. I don’t know what else I can say.” –Rubén Olivares
  • “I was fighting for my life. Olivares hurt me in the 8th, 9th and 10th rounds. I felt like I might go down in the 10th. This is a very happy and proud day for my country and myself.” –Alexis Argüello



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