Big tarpon, rainbow bass of Nicaragua – Fishing Adventurer


Season 1 Big tarpon, rainbow bass of Nicaragua – Fishing Adventurer

One of the best places on earth to catch massive tarpon is the San Juan River in Nicaragua, so that is where Cyril is heading to encounter some of these big fish face to face.

Once he gets there, he meets up with Philippe, a local eco-tour and sport-fishing outfitter, and together they explore this tropical destination in search of these prehistoric creatures that can tip the scales at over 250 pounds.

After hooking and fighting these big fish, he hops into his little inflatable boat and is off to explore the wild coastline of a small remote island where he encounters another of Nicaragua’s hard-fighting locals, the rainbow bass, before returning to the tarpon he came for.

Visit http://www.wildcatch.tv for more videos featuring the ultimate fishing adventurer, Cyril Chauquet.




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