Cigar Vixen’s “Nicaragua is Hot” Travel Series: GRANADA | S01E03



Cigar Vixen’s “Nicaragua is Hot” Travel Series: GRANADA | S01E03


Welcome to the third episode of my travel series “Nicaragua is Hot!” This time, I’m visiting the beautiful city of Granada!

Granada has a lot to offer, and I’m glad to say I tackled most of it during my trip. First, I visited one of the 365 islets right on Lake Cocibolca; an islet called Pico de Garza. I spent the afternoon sipping drinks, smoking cigars but most of all taking in the fantastic view.

I also enjoyed other great sights of the colonial architecture the city has to offer, and it is truly like taking a trip to the past. Lastly, I enjoyed a night out on the town that began with a delicious dinner at the hotel we were staying at, Hotel Dario. The busy streets full of restaurants and bars are just steps away from the hotel, so I explored a few and even met some new friends.

Have you ever heard of sandboarding? Stay tuned for my next episode in the city of Leon if you want to catch a glimpse of this activity that you can only do in Nicaragua!





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