Nicaragua. A land of volcanic energy, lakes and rum. Wedged between the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, this jewel of Latin America is still somewhat of a hidden gem, leaving it unspoilt and pure.

Free from hoards of tourists, you can really get a feel for local life in towns like Managua and Granada. Colourful colonial architecture sets the backdrop for sweet street foods and fruit from the markets. The locals are always warm and welcoming, happy to share their way of life.

Nicaragua’s wild coastlines offer expansive beaches and the surf of dreams. Surfers travel from all corners of the Earth to be spoilt by its uncrowded warm waters and glorious sunsets over the swell.

Mountains and jungles team with life, from howler monkeys to sloths. Volcanoes puff into the clouds in the distance, some in the middle of lakes so wide they look like the ocean. Few places are so alive. Nicaragua should be a calling for every curious traveler.


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